Friday, January 2, 2015

The Start of a New Year Arrives with a Scary Beginning

The first day of the New Year brought a very scary event into our home!  Our daughter had to work in the afternoon, and was on her way to her job.  She hit a patch of ice, and the car spun out of control, and she ended up in the ditch.  Thankfully, a kind couple were just behind her in a 4x4 truck, and they stopped to help.  She had buried her car in the snow, and hit several trees.  The trees damaged the driver's side of her car pretty badly, knocking off her mirror, and her door was damaged, as well as some big scrapes and dents on the sides of the car.  The rear driver tire was also ruined, no doubt by a tree.   But we are so very thankful, and give God praise that she was completely unhurt!  It was a very scary call to receive.  But again, as we began to get the details from her, and the fact that two very kind people stopped to help her, this just reassured us once again of how comforting it is to know that the Lord is round about those who trust in Him!  

She was able to get pulled out of the ditch, and limped on to her work and worked the rest of the afternoon.  She was amazingly calm about it all, and said that she felt the Lord's presence with her, even in the scary moments.  My husband and I drove over to her job to switch out vehicles, and again, we were blessed in that a friend at her job took the tire that was blown, and the donut tire into town for us, and had them checked out.  They decided that the tire was destroyed, and aired up the donut tire for her.  By the time we got there, they had the donut tire on the car for us.  We thanked him very much for his time and efforts.  As we drove her car home we just continued to thank the Lord that the car was drivable, and that our daughter was okay! 

You just never know when trouble can hit at a moment's notice.  It can just be with a simple phone call. Even in the first moments of receiving the phone call, there is always fear in your heart, but then the peace of the Lord comes in and refreshes your heart, and makes you so very thankful for His protection in the midst of all situations we face.  

So our family is starting off the New Year with very grateful hearts, and peace too, because we know that God is so very faithful to take care of us each and every moment!  


  1. This made me sigh with peace and smile with rejoicing. Psalm 46:1: "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." I'm sorry your daughter had this accident, but so happy she wasn't hurt and that God provided everything and everyone she needed at the moment. It's so good that you can see God's provision, and even more that your daughter knew He was with her. So wonderful to read this. Thanks for sharing it with us. Hugs, Nancy

  2. Oh my, such a way to begin the new year. But to have a grateful heart and feel the peace in such a situation has to come from God. I am thankful that your daughter was not hurt and even felt like going to her work place after such an ordeal. Wishing you and your family warmest blessings for the new year. ♥ Teri


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