Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes

I wanted to share a post with an update on Missy, the stray dog my son brought home a couple of weekends ago.  Our thoughts were to find her a new home as we weren't prepared for a new dog yet.

Well, the update is that...  she's still here!  Several people predicted that she would be, and they were right.  Not that it hasn't been without its share of problems though!

Annie has had to learn how to share.... her favorite spot in the house... is now being co-bedded with little Missy.  I don't think she is real happy about it, but she is still being a trooper!

Missy has decided that she and Annie should have all things in common, even the bed!

I told the dogs it was time for a hike.  It's kind of dangerous when I tell them that.  They both get so excited that it is hard to get their collars on and get them out the door without getting all tangled up!

I told them both to sit, and you can see them both here ... sitting... but watching each other carefully just to make sure the other one didn't get out the door first!

Missy actually is very obedient when I tell her to sit, and she waits until I tell her "let's go" as well.  I am really impressed with how well she listens to me.  Someone must have spent some time teaching her.

However, on the walk,  things get a little wild.  Both dogs want to see everything at once, and don't want to share.  They are both very strong, and want to pull in different directions.

I have to stop every few minutes and take a picture, mainly because I need to give my arms a chance to rest!  The dogs have learned that when I stop to take a picture, they need to sit.  We have been working on that, and they are getting better at it.

So many sights and smells await the dogs as we walk.

If Annie sniffs something, then Missy rushes over to sniff it, and it becomes quite a battle to keep the leashes from getting tangled!  Sometimes I feel like a ballerina, switching, turning, looping, swooping... you get the picture, lol!

But, all the work to take the dogs on a hike is always worth it when I get to see such beautiful scenes like this one.

Missy intent on something... you can see how strong her little body is!

There was such beauty in the gentle snow covering the trees.

Annie peering down the trail...

The heavy snow had made many of the branches sink low to the ground.  As we walked, some of the branches hung so low that we had to duck under to pass through.

A winter wonderland!

Annie heard a chipmunk chattering at them.

Even though I resisted letting her chase after the chipmunk, her joy at being in the woods was contagious!

Truly magnificent!

The chipmunk followed us through the trees, and continued to aggravate the dogs.

Oh the hope in Annie's heart about getting her wish to chase the chipmunks, lol!

Here you can see what I mean - two dogs = two heads turned two different directions, which means my arms going two different directions trying to hold onto these rambunctious souls!

Aren't these two quite a pair!  They look kind of funny together, with Annie towering over Missy, but Missy makes up in temperament what she lacks in size!

A glimpse of the far distant mountain shrouded in snow and fog.  I always enjoy a view of the mountains wherever I go to hike.  There is just something so glorious about them, that leads my thoughts in praise to the Lord... as I'm reminded of the verse in Psalms 121 "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord... " and this verse causes me to always feel thankfulness in my heart for the beauty the Lord has created around us to enjoy, and worship Him for!

I don't know if Annie and Missy were praising the Lord with me at the view of the mountains... but I choose to think so :)

May your day be blessed with reminders throughout your day of the beauty of the hope we have in Christ the Lord, and may you exalt Him as you go and be reminded through each little touch of His love expressed around you, just how blessed we really are!


  1. That is such a beautiful area! And the face front shot of Missy...she looks happier and hopeful. :)

  2. Yes, Missy is definitely happier since she has been here. When she first came, her ribs stuck out, and she guarded all food defensively. That behavior has stopped, and you can't see her ribs anymore. She has wiggled her way into my heart - I just wish she would try to get along with the cat!

  3. Oh, I think you're going to keep that little pup. I think Missy has found a new home; or a new home has found Missy. :) Do you think Annie and she will be good friends? Is Annie the alpha? Or can you tell? I think it's great that your dogs are learning obedience. So many people neglect that with their dogs. Your photos are lovely. The one with the path and the mountain is really wonderful. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings. xxx ~ Nancy P.S. Great Bible verse you chose!

  4. Oh! Lovely hiking pictures! :-)

    As for Missy.... :-) ... Mmmmhmmmm.... ;-) She is a sweet doggy. haha



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