Thursday, January 22, 2015

This-n-That .... make up the Spice of Life!

A dear friend of mine who is a demonstrator with Stampin Up has a blog that I visit often to see what she has been busy creating.  Recently she was posting pictures of six different cards she had made with some new products from Stampin Up!  She had a contest where you could visit her blog and comment on each card she made, and be entered into a drawing.

Lucky me - I was a winner!  It was so exciting to win these beautiful cards all handmade by Jeri.  Stop by her blog if you want some great inspiration to make your own handmade cards - she does incredibly awesome work!!

Recently my friend R was at my home, and wanted to try her hand with some of my sourdough.  She tried a recipe that I found for Sourdough Peanut Butter Cookies from the Cultures For website.    These cookies had an interesting almost cake-like texture, and may have turned out better in had they been made in a cookie bar or cake form.  At any rate, they tasted very good, and disappeared quite quickly!

Later in the week R & Z as well as their family came over for an evening of fellowship.  R & Z have their own blog, if you are interested in visiting it here.  :)

R & Z like to try different ethnic foods, and this is something I have not done much of.  My family tends to lean towards tried and true southern comfort foods most of the time.  However, they were telling us about an amazing Thai Coconut Chicken Soup that they have prepared, and after hearing about it, I asked them if they would consider making it for us. So we decided to do just that this past weekend, and they prepared a beautiful salad to go along with the soup.

Wow - all we can say is wow!  It was so awesome!

I think I caught some of us licking the bowl clean!  It was that good!  I don't have the recipe, because it was prepared with a little bit of this and that... but those kinds of foods are the best!  I do know it was a potato based soup with coconut milk, and cilantro added along with some Thai spices that included curry! Having never had a soup like this before, it was a real treat!

My contribution to the meal was homemade sourdough bread that I had made earlier in the day.

We shared a wonderful evening of fellowship, good food and prayer, and it was truly a memorable time together.  Thanks R & Z  for sharing your culinary delights and expertise with us :)

And so... this is just a little bit of this-n-that.... that makes up the spice of life around here lately.  :)


  1. Sounds like a very uplifting evening with your friends. That soup looks amazing! We had our monthly ladies day out at our church today -- this is when we all get together and work on crafting, quilting, etc. Several women made really gorgeous cards. Congratulations on winning those pretty cards. Hugs, Nancy

  2. We always enjoy being at your home! :-) Thank you for having us!



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