Friday, January 9, 2015

Annie's Play Date

Since our precious Cosmo died this past summer, we have noticed that Annie seems quite lonely.  We have talked about getting another dog companion for her, but I have not wanted to take on the responsibility of a new animal during the winter months.  So we are waiting until spring/summer comes before we find another dog to become part of our family.

Until that time though, Annie does need some good "romp" time with other dogs.  My dear friend GT who has two sweet energetic dogs in a fenced yard, invited Annie and I over for the afternoon.

It wasn't long, and we were off to the races!

The joy on Annie's face at being able to romp with two other dogs was quite obvious.

They jumped on every snowbank...

... nipped...

 ... nudged...

... and just generally in "dog language" let each other know they were having a grand time.

They say two is company and three is a crowd...

 Poor Tracker.  He wasn't sure what to make of the newcomer - Annie.

But Zeke was all smiles.  Annie had stayed with our friends some time before, and he and Annie were old buds. Tracker was new on the scene, and was still trying to figure Annie out.

Annie's favorite thing to do when she is playing in the snow is just to lie in it and roll around...

She has "snow" much fun romping in the snow.

 The other two were wondering why she was so excited about.... snow?  Really?

What are you doing Annie?  Very puzzled looks they were giving her!

Poof!  So - this is the new game "hide" in the snow, and then pounce...

 ... aha! Gotcha Annie - this might be fun after all!

Hey Annie - can you share with us what's so important down there?

 "Nope" See... it's just a game!  Come roll in the snow with me!

Zeke & Tracker hold a conference - their answer - No!  We like snow, but ....

We'd rather run in it than lie in it!

So the games continued with noses always at work...

More sniffing... do dogs ever tire of sniffing each other's 'you know what' ?  Sigh...

Oh what a happy face!

Tracker and Annie back to playing games.

Awww!  Tracker's sweet face - he was kind of bewildered with Annie's games!

He just couldn't understand her fascination with lying in the snow.

Hmm..... what's the next course of action?

Aha - chase the birds off.  Of course!

That wasn't much fun once the birds all left... so... back to the races we go!


dodge... pounce... run.. hide... seek... roll over... it was all happening!

Finally after we saw the dogs eating snow, we thought they might be thirsty.  So we brought them inside for a treat and some water.  The Three Stooges!

Annie enjoyed her outing tremendously, and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my friend.  We have already made plans to do it again soon.  And I will have to work on finding Annie a friend soon.  I realized today just how lonely she is.  I know she needs another dog to romp with, and as much as she loves to hike with me, I know she needs more than a hike every day.  Come spring, we will see what we can do to change that.

And to end the lovely play date, we were treated to this view of the mountains as we headed for home. What a beautiful way to end a fun-filled afternoon!


  1. Dogs can teach us all about friendship! I can't wait until you get a new dog in the Spring! :)

    1. Dogs are very special friends indeed! I know Annie is looking forward to a new friend!

  2. It is so nice that Annie has friends that she can spend time with and that they can have fun together. Warmest Blessings ♥ Teri

    1. Yes, it does help for Annie to get out and have some fun until we decide on a new member to add to our family :)

  3. Dear Annie, I'm glad your mom shared the photos of you romping in the snow with Tracker and Zeke. They're cute, but you're cuter (don't tell them I said so. . .you know how other dogs can be jealous and all). What in the world were you doing with your muzzle stuck in the snow like that? You wouldn't catch me doing anything like that, you silly girl! Hugs and lots of love. ~ Nancy

    1. LOL too funny Nancy - you would love Zeke and Tracker too :) No you wouldn't catch me sticking my face in the snow either!


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