Friday, January 16, 2015

Icy Frost Feathers the World

There is seldom a more beautiful sight to behold in the winter than when we get frozen fog.  The fog freezes on everything it touches, and creates the most incredible, delicate pictures of beauty.

Every pine needle, twig and piece of anything touched by the fog was covered in delicate pieces of frost.

The view behind our home as we leave to go explore the frosty world around us.

Gentle beauty everywhere.

High on the tree tops, the frost glistened in all its loveliness.

Everything including weeds, looked magical with the gift of frost!

Annie was NOT happy with all the picture taking going on.  Missy stayed behind with our daughter, as I knew I could not take pictures with TWO dogs, lol!

But she was doing her best to be patient.

Finally, we headed back to our hike.

Sigh - MOM!  Another picture... whatever for????

The scene before us was so calm and still in its beauty that pictures were not doing it justice.

The small rays of sunshine working to burst through the clouds.

Learning patience is not easy!

I could not pass by the delicate work of the frost on each tree limb and branch.

Our neighbors had piled up some brush, which was covered in snow.  Annie enjoyed climbing to the top and seeing the world from a higher vantage point.

I'm so happy now!  I let go of the leash so she could romp on the hill without dragging me along, lol!

Our Snow Princess :)

I decided to let her go without me holding onto the leash because it was too frustrating to take pictures and try to hold onto her.

That certainly made her day!

Incredible gentle beauty everywhere!

A winter wonderland scene framed by the lovely frost-feathered branch.

A picture of the mountains in the distance surrounded by the lifting fog mist.

A tall stately  tree made even more beautiful by the lacy frost feathers.

Annie was enjoying exploring without being tied to me and the camera!

I was glad to be able to take the pictures of the rapidly changing scene in front of me without Annie tugging my arm off!

Watching the light diffuse through the clouds was breathtaking to watch.

Sunny, our neighbor's horse was watching Annie and I tromp through the snow. She came over to check us out.

What she really wanted was me to pet her!

What a beautiful lady she is!

Don't you just love those eyes!

As we told her goodbye, she looked very sad.  I enjoyed petting her, but Annie was not being patient. Annie doesn't think anyone should get petted but her!  LOL...

I had to run into town to take care of a few errands after our hike.  As I drove, I could see the rays of the sun pushing through the clouds, with the bright blue sky that had been hidden, begin to peek out.

The layers of fog covering the mountains was lifting, and the scene as I drove was incredible.

You could even see the snow covered mountains in the distance as I descended the hill towards town. Usually these are obscured and covered with either clouds or fog.  It was wonderful to see the breaking up of the clouds!

I met a friend in town, and we visited over a cup of hot tea, and watched the sun and the clouds began to play their games across the sky.

At last it seemed the clouds had been pushed aside by the sun, and the blue skies were peeking out through the clouds.

As we watched the sun and clouds battle it out before us and we drank our hot tea, I thought that it would be a very boring world if only there were only clouds, or if only there were blue skies and sunshine. Watching the sun and the clouds perform before us certainly brought character and life to the horizon, and it would be a dull world without it!

So even though there are clouds and there is sunshine - it takes both to keep things interesting - just as in our lives.  If we only had sunshine = happiness and no clouds = sadness/troubles - our lives would be of the boring sort.  Yet, when you have a mixture of both... great joy comes into our lives because of the balance of both.

Can one ever tire of this scene?  This is the bridge that crosses the river in our little town, and no matter how many times I cross this bridge, it seems the view is always changing, unique, and special!

... and as I drove back home, I thanked the Lord for the time spent with my dear friend MH, and the blessings of our friendship.

And I enjoyed the warmth of the blue skies shining as I drove.

Clouds - sun - blue skies - rain - snow .... so many weather conditions that change the landscape, and serve to always offer up a unique palate of delight!

Can you tell that I love where I live?

I love this dear beautiful piece of heaven where the Lord has blessed us in unimaginable creative ways each and every day.

A beautiful picture as I drove past this home with the trees eloquently showcasing their frosted beauty...

Splendor all around, wherever you look - one almost feels drunk on the beauty of this place!

Later that afternoon, as the sun's rays began to leave the skies, an incredible palette of color spread before us.

The tips of the trees reflecting the last rays of sunshine as the darkness slowly crept in.

Be still my heart!  A glimpse of the sun's remaining light on the tip of the mountains...

Oh, the colors of the sunset!

The mixing and blending of the colors of the universe were played out in grandeur here as I watched with my camera...

A view of "Annie's Hill" and the mountain in the distance...

The mountains bathed in the last lingering drops of sunshine..

Soaking up the beauty around me... indeed, my cup overflowed!

The grand finale displayed as darkness rolled itself ever onward.

Light and darkness - what an amazing contrast!

Purples, pinks, orange, blue, yellows, reds ... the incredible range of color that God mixed for our enjoyment!

Have you tired yet of the feast the Lord designed with this remarkable day?

I felt full to the brim as I watched the ending of this day take place before me.

What a feast for the eyes!

My heart cries out - Thank you Lord!  Thank you for this day, and for the beauty my soul soaked up!  I consider myself blessed beyond measure to have feasted at this table of wonder today!

Blessings to you and your family today, and may you see the beauty the Lord designed for us wherever you are today!


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the pics of the light and how it changed throughout your day. To me nature testifies all about our God. Through it we can learn about him. That has been my experience. Looking forwards to what you show next!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Ronda! I agree that we can learn so much about our Lord simply by observing the world He created for us to live in!

  2. God really is a magnificent Artist, isn't He? I love all the intricacies of creation, and at no time is it more dynamic than in the splendor of winter. Really, as much as I prefer warmer weather, it's in the depth of winter that I most appreciate God's artistic hand.The way He paints a fluffy blanket of snow over the mountaintops, the crystal patterns of frost on glass, and the play of moonlight on white paths. . .so glorious! Your beautiful images bring glory to Him, too! Thanks for sharing these. Hugs, Nancy

    1. I couldn't agree more. I enjoy hiking in the winter far more than any other season. Incredible how the snow just blankets the world in innumerable ways, and every day - to me - is a new day to see the handiwork of the Lord at work through His creation. I consider myself blessed to be able to enjoy this area where we live. Blessings and hugs to you today :)


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