Monday, December 8, 2014

The Chipmunks Game

Often I hike through the woods with Annie, our German Shepherd/husky mix.  Many times while we hike along, the chipmunks and squirrels constantly badger her.  Now, I don't understand the language that chipmunks and squirrels speak, but Annie seems to be able to communicate with them just fine, lol!
Some time ago we were hiking through the forest when Annie spotted the chipmunk first, and then when I followed her gaze, I saw the chipmunk also.  This chipmunk sat up on a high pine tree limb and began badgering Annie.  I couldn't understand a word of it, but Annie was so upset by the exchange that the following ensued:

She stopped with her ears up, and listened carefully...

At first it seemed like she was going to just ignore the chatter...

But then something that silly chipmunk said pushed her over the edge!

My poor photography skills were unable to catch the quick movements of the chipmunk as it moved around from tree to tree while Annie and I stood there.  I was listening, and not understanding any of it, but Annie apparently did, and it must have been quite offensive because...

 Annie pulled me towards the tree, and we got just a bit closer to the tree where the chipmunk was....

Annie was on high alert now as the chipmunk was just a stone's throw from us and had come down the tree with its tail waving and chattering crazily.

Then Annie yanked at her leash, and before I knew it, we were under the tree the chipmunk was hollering at us from.  However, suddenly the chattering ceased and I wondered why... and realized it was because the chipmunk was no longer in the tree...

Oh no!  Annie found the hole the chipmunk had run into and she began sniffing and digging like she had found gold.

As Annie dug into the hole, I tried to pull her away, but she would have none of it.

Soon she was able to almost stick her whole head down into the hole.

Oh what a sad face it was!  Covered in dirt, after digging frantically to no avail, she was not happy to show me her lack of results of finding that chipmunk.

After several more minutes of looking at the hole, we finally decided that the chipmunk had found its way out somewhere else, because... the chattering started again!

What!  That crazy escape artist chipmunk, I could just hear Anne saying!

We made our way to the tree where the chipmunk had come out on, and sure enough - found another hole!

But since the sun was setting, I told Annie that we were going to have to just leave the chipmunk for now.  Annie sadly looked at me and then rested her nose on the tree trunk as if to see... ok Mom.  I'll obey,  but I'll be back, you silly little chipmunk!  Just you wait and see!

As we left the little chipmunk behind, his silly teasing chatter continued.  Oh the games that chipmunks play with dogs, if only we could understand just what they are saying, it t'would be something! :)


  1. When I lived in Ohio my black lab would go wild over a squirrel, and of course the squirrel would just look down from his limb and mock poor Tillie. I honestly thought she might try to knock the tree down to get at it!

    1. LOL - I really think dogs and squirrels/chipmunks understand each other lol! There is just something about a squirrel or chipmunk that drives just about every dog we've had crazy! I just happened to be able to catch it on film this time :)

  2. Oh, this so reminds me of our grand doggy. He is a Blue Heeler and he loves to go after moles that are just under the ground. He, too comes out with a "dirty" nose and face. We do not use the word "squirrel" around him. We call them SQ's. He now has that one figured out as well. Annie is so pretty. Thank you for sharing. ♥ Teri

    1. LOL - yes, Annie knows certain "words" too, and we have to be really careful about what we say. Her favorite word is "walk". She LOVES to walk. Thank you for the kind words about Annie, we think she is a beautiful dog too :)


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