Friday, December 12, 2014

On-the-Fly Soup

Have you ever had one of those moments where you stood in the kitchen - hungry as an elephant - and not sure WHAT you could come up with in just a few?

Well, that was the case with me about a year or so ago.  In fact, it was just my husband and I at home who were hungry.  Our kids were at a 4-H event, and I had not planned a meal, because I thought we would just eat some leftovers.  However, the hubs decided that he didn't want the leftovers I was planning on, and my hopes for a quick easy meal were dashed.

He was standing in the kitchen, and I was too, and we couldn't decide what to do.  Part of me just wanted to find the closest restaurant, and be done with it. But... the other part of me thought... well, what could I come up with on the fly?

So after a quick perusal of my refrigerator, freezer, and pantry, I was still not inspired by anything. There was some leftover corn from an earlier meal, and a small bowl of beans.  I had hamburger meat that could be quickly thawed.

So, I thought to myself, I will just throw some ingredients together and see what happens.

Using my leftovers, and some easy grabs from the pantry, I came up with this soup that my husband declared the best ever!  In fact, he told me to write down the recipe right then and there so I could recreate it again.  And I have.  Many, many, many times.  This soup has been our "go-to" recipe when we need something "on-the-fly".  It is fast, easy, filling, and generally makes everybody very full, happy, and contented.  It has become our family's favorite comfort food of all times.

So, here without further ado is my recipe for  "On-the-Fly Soup".  I have not taken pictures of the process of making it because - just like its name - I am usually making it when minutes count, and stopping to take pictures while I make it usually just isn't possible.  But, I do have a picture of the end result of this amazing, fabulous, and quick soup :)


1 pound hamburger meat, cooked
1-2 garlic cloves, minced
1 quart canned tomatoes (or two cans crushed tomatoes)
2 cups fresh, frozen or canned corn
1 can Rotel tomatoes 
2 cans diced potatoes (canned, dehydrated or your own cooked ones, whatever you've got!)
1 cup carrots (frozen, canned, dehydrated - whatever you've got!)
2 cans Ranch-style beans (any kind of canned beans can be substituted)
1 can beef broth 
1 can cream mushroom soup (I make my own, but you can use canned)
1/4 cup Velveeta cheese, cubed
2 Tbsp taco seasoning, or to taste
1/2 bunch cilantro, chopped (you can also use cilantro cubes if you don't have fresh)
Salt & Pepper to taste

Cook the hamburger meat in a large stockpot, draining off fat.  Add in minced garlic.  Pour in crushed and Rotel tomatoes, corn, potatoes, carrots, and beans.  Add in cream mushroom soup. Then I usually mix the beef broth in the empty soup can and add that in.   Stir to combine well.  Add cubed Velveeta cheese, and let soup simmer about 10-15 minutes.  When Velveeta has melted, add in taco seasoning, and finely chopped cilantro.  Let simmer another 5 minutes or so, and remove from heat.  Can be served with a big dollop of sour cream and cheddar cheese, if desired.  

Incredible, delicious, and far better than the fare any fast food restaurant could supply, and we never even had to leave home! 


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! This soup looks really tasty. I might have to try it before going on GAPS. Home cooking IS so much better than fast food! Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, home cooking is definitely the best! I wish you well on trying the GAPS diet, and have a blessed Christmas with your family!

  3. Hi there! Your soup sounds delicious. I think my husband especially would love it.
    I hope the turtles turn out wonderfully for you. The store bought ones don't hold a candle. ;)
    Have a blessed day!

    1. I can't wait to try the turtles. They are one of my favorite kind of chocolates to buy. Thanks for stopping by!!

  4. It's fun when you discover a new recipe by "accident", isn't it? I have two hamburger soup recipes that I love. One is my late husband's grandmother's recipe with a cream tomato base. It's wonderful. Enjoy your day. xxx ~ Nancy

    1. Yes, it really is. Sometimes if I want to come up with something, I have no luck. It seems that "on the fly" kind of stuff just happens, and not very often, lol! I would love to have your hamburger recipes if you want to share sometime. Our family loves soups! Thanks for stopping by!


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