He Is Risen! And April Arrives!

Monday, April 1, 2024

Being an enthusiastic gardener, I rely on the vegetables I grow in my garden - both canned and frozen - to eat from my pantry. There's nothing quite like the feeling of gathering the vegetables I need for a meal from my pantry and freezer during the winter. 

Do you make a lot of soups during the winter? We thrive on soup and eat at least 1-2 soups a week. I've gotten creative with my soup recipes as we've been doing keto, so that we can use the abundance of vegetables we have on hand.  My husband and I have adapted to a potato-free diet.  Instead of potatoes, I now use cauliflower to thicken soup - and believe me, it's delicious! We initially struggled with the absence of potatoes in our meals, but the positive effects on our health have made it worthwhile.  

Cauliflower Chicken Soup
2 cups chicken, cooked, shredded
2 quarts chicken broth
1 cup zucchini, sliced (I use frozen)
1 cup carrots, sliced (I use canned)
1 bag riced cauliflower (I use frozen)
1/2 cup peas, frozen
1 cup spinach
1/2 cup corn (I use frozen)
2 Tbsp nutritional yeast
1 Tbsp salt
1 tsp pepper
1 Tbsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp heavy cream

In large stockpot, cook peas, carrots, corn, cauliflower, and zucchini in broth until tender. Stir in the remaining ingredients, and simmer for 15 minutes. Taste the soup, and add salt/seasoning as desired. Serve. 

NOTE: Nutritional yeast is the healthiest and best tasting alternative for chicken bouillon. It is yellow in color, and adds the best flavor to your soup. Buying chicken bouillon will be a thing of the past for you, once you start using nutritional yeast! 

Keto Biscuit
1/4 cup butter, melted
1/2 cup Bob Mill's Paleo flour
1 egg
2 Tbsp milk of choice
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp stevia or sweetener of choice

Melt butter in a microwavable bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients until smooth. Grease two 6-oz ramekins and equally divide the mixture into ramekins. Bake each in the microwave for 90 seconds or longer, until the top bounces back, and is no longer moist.  My microwave takes about 2 minutes.  Repeat for second ramekin. This makes enough for two biscuits.  If desired, can be baked in the oven at 350 for about 20-25 minutes, or until browned.

Miss Kitty's favorite perch! She loves watching the Stellar Jays. I have quite a crew of them coming now - 5 pairs, 10 birds. They love eating the suet I put out. 

It's bonfire season! We have enjoyed several bonfires already this year. Ryan plays the guitar, and as he plays we sing along! 

Our daughter-in-law roasted some marshmallows. Dan and I exercised restraint and did not eat any. 
They did look so good though! 

Morning views on my walk! 

I've been working on my garden and uncovering my garden decor by removing the tarp. I gather all my decor and store it under a tarp for the winter, as it helps to keep the snow damage minimal. Every year, I have things that crack because of the ice/snow melt. It is a lot of work, but is great once it is done!

This past weekend, we began removing numerous dangerous trees that were close to our home. My husband and son did most of the work, but we had an experienced sawyer come in to take out the trees closest to the house. 

The trees were huge! This is looking from our house towards the garden.  

The trees were taken down all around our house. This is looking at our home from the road angle. 

Using our tractor and a chain, the trees were hewn into lengths that could be hauled by the tractor, and placed into the burn pile we created outside my garden. 

This is how it looked after we finished moving the trees. I raked up all the pine cones, branches, needles, and general mess from the downed trees. Needless to say - it was a lot of work! 

I made this short video of the trees falling, thankfully all went well.  I pray as each one goes down- because you just never know what they might do! 

Riley and I went for a little errand to town, and on our way back home, we saw the elk in a neighbor's yard. 

Their fur looks matted, and they are in the process of shedding their winter fur.  They are happy, as we all are, to see the green grass growing! 

Miss Bejeweled, my neighbor's puppy that I watch while she works actually sat still long enough for me to get a good picture. She is growing so fast, and getting more adorable every day. 

New life is appearing all around us - it won't be long and we'll have daffodil and tulip blooms! You can see some of my china plate flowers on display here :) 

Danielle and Zak came over to visit us for Easter, and we enjoyed a dinner and bonfire together. 

They brought our "grandpup" Mr. Serbius who is a corgi! Isn't He precious! He keeps us all very entertained with his antics!

On Easter morning, the sunrise was so amazing! Both cats gathered at the window as the sunshine was so brilliant.  Of course, their real interest was all the downed trees outside the window and the many birds that were inspecting all the changes made with the downed trees. 

On Easter Sunday, I saw these crocus poking their heads out of the leaves - how exciting it is to experience such beautiful blooms after a long dark winter! As we remembered the Long Week leading up to Resurrection Sunday, we reflected on the cost of Calvary to our Lord and rejoiced on Sunday morning that He has risen, and He lives forevermore. 

Isn't it an amazing thought that the Lord chose springtime to die, be buried, and rise again in newness of life. It speaks of the Lord's greatest joy for us as a believer.  Out of death, and things that seem to be dead, He can bring forth new life.  A seed does not look like it can do much, most of them are so tiny! But out of that tiny seed comes forth new life that brings food and nourishment for us!   

And as we await the Lord's return, we see that His coming was fulfilled at Passover, His Spirit was sent on the Feast of Pentecost, and we hope that at harvest season, His return may take place at the Feast of Trumpets when He will return with the trumpet call at the time of harvest.  Of course we don't know the day or the hour, but Jesus did say - there were signs of the season we could look for. I'm looking for His return, how about you?  

I hope you will enjoy this beautiful composition of prayer and devotional songs that I just recently made.
It helps to stop and focus our hearts on the Lord with music that leads us into the worship of Him.  

I pray that all of you are enjoying a blessed first day of April, and that no one has played any mean April Fool's jokes on you... but I'm always up for a good chuckle. :) Happy April to each of you! 


  1. That soup looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Sandi - it's definitely full of wonderful home grown veggies, which makes me happy :)

  2. LOVE the soup recipe...thanks for sharing. I'm adding it to my many recipes for homemade soups. I like a northern bean (all plant based) soup in the winter and I do make chicken soup with nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is also a great replacement for cheese.

    We haven't had a fire yet but we sure do have a lot of brush to burn! We're just waiting for it to dry out a bit more before we have a bonfire. Plus the backyard is still pretty muddy nad I haven't yet started to clean up the deck/outdoor furniture.

    So glad the tree projects went well. That's a LOT of work as we know from experience.

    HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY (a day late!)

    1. Good soup is so comforting in the winter months! I hope you'll like this soup recipe, I've made it a lot this winter. We've really come to enjoy cauliflower. There is always so much work in the spring time, cleaning up winter's mess! Yes, the tree work is a huge job. We are so thankful it went smoothly. I praise the Lord for that! Blessings to you :)

  3. Dearest Marilyn,
    Your soup recipe sounds delicious and I too prefer cauliflower.
    Having tall trees around the house is always a worry and quite a chore for removing them!
    So you do have two kitties... They sure have a great view!

    1. Oh the soup is really wonderful on cold winter days! It's a relief not to have the trees around our home! Our kitties are so special to us, I know you understand! :) Many blessings to you!

  4. The soup looks so good. Happy Easter, Marilyn.

    1. It has been a soup we've enjoyed a lot this winter! Blessings to you Marie :)

  5. That soup looks so good! I've heard of nutritional yeast but never knew what it was used for. Now I'll have to look for it.
    So nice to see the blue skies, sunshine and to have bonfires! We are supposed to have snow again this week, but hopefully that's the end of it.
    Those trees are huge and majestic. It's sad to see them go down, but it definitely needed for safety. Glad it went well!
    I love your thoughts of Christs birth and resurrection at Springtime. I never thought of that before, but it adds to the joy of Spring!

    1. Ever since I found nutritional yeast, I use it on so many things! It gives great flavor instead of cheese, and it makes chicken soup soo yummy! I think you'll love it :) Hopefully we've seen the last of the crazy spring/winter weather - but it is always dicey! Thank you for your kind comments and visits, I appreciate them so much!

  6. HI Marilyn... boy that was alot work I'm sure to get those trees downed! It was sad to see them go though! I've had to have that done at a couple of places where I lived (in the past) and it was sad to cut down those huge old trees! I know it needs to be done for fire safety plus wind hazards. You sure do work hard on your property! That was me 20 years ago... actually, I was doing the same thing about 10 years ago, when we lived in LaPine, Oregon. Where I am moved to now, I won't have to worry about doing all that work! I do want to get a metal fire pit since I actually CAN have fires here, since it's a much damper climate. I'm so looking forward to some evening fires, with the smells of the ocean breezes coming from the west, and the sounds of the frogs and crickets! Still a little chilly at night, but pretty soon it'll happen. Oh.. there is that "thing" of getting some firewood though! Have a great week! xoxo Marilyn

    1. It was a lot of work, as you well know! But, so thankful to have them down! That will be so nice that you can have your own bonfires - there is just nothing any more cozier than a bonfire on a chilly evening! I'm just so happy for you in your new home with the beautiful world around you to explore and enjoy! Blessings to you dear friend!

  7. Nice to see all the signs of spring around you, Marilyn, and all of your precious pets and sweet family visits. Your soup recipe sounds delicious and it is interesting to have the nutritional yeast included. I've also wondered how to use it, as I've read it is so healthy. I like the idea of using cauliflower in place of potatoes, too. I like to make homemade soup to control the salt and additives as we are getting older. It is difficult to watch the trees come down, but when you live in the forest, sometimes you have to make those hard decisions. Every year we have trees come down from the wind and it is a big job to clean them up. It sounds like you had a lovely Easter, too. The teachings of Jesus are a lovely guidepost for life in every moment and situation. Sending hugs and blessings xo K

    1. Spring has been unusual this year, but we are happy to see the blooms start to come on! Homemade soup is the best during the cold winter days! And as you said, you can control the additives! The trees are a lot of work, but it is good to know they are away from our home. Blessings to you dear friend!

  8. Taking down all those trees is certainly not a small feat, Marilyn. Hard work, for sure, but the aftermath looks great! Yes, spring is the loveliest season, especially after a long winter. Enjoy every moment, and keep the great photos coming!
    He is risen!

    1. It is a lot of work to remove the trees, but we are thankful to not have the worry with them any longer! Spring has been unusual here, for sure. But, we are thankful for every season, each has their own blessings!

  9. Thank you for the soup recipe. It does sound delicious. I also found the tree harvesting to be interesting. I know what you mean about holding your breath when they fall. I've done that a few times.

    We had a lovely Resurrection service at church yesterday. We went to Sunrise service and I had made an overnight coffee cake for the shared breakfast. Then I was in the nursery during the main service. Babies in cute new Easter outfits were a wonderful way to end the morning. I watched the service when I got home as it's posted on YouTube.
    I have been anticipating the Lords return with excitement. Each morning I wake and think it may be the day! I just saw a video today about the possibilty of the feast of trumpets being the time. I just hope it's soon. I'm ready and the signs are all pointing in that direction aren't they?
    Praying that you'll have a lovely Tuesday and a week filled with the Lord's blessings in your life.
    Blessings and hugs,

    1. The Lord's return is on my mind every day too, dear Betsy! We look to Him for our hope in the midst of the darkness of this world! I'm glad you had such a good Easter, Betsy! Many blessings to you dear friend!

  10. The months are speeding by so fast! My area of Texas has seen a lot of rain; I'm hoping that it'll delay or prevent the severe droughts we get. It's a lovely day right now!
    Beautiful crocus, and how special to see it on Resurrection Sunday! I'm so very thankful for Jesus' sacrifice and giving us new life!
    So glad the removal of the trees was done safely! :)
    Many blessings to you and your family, animals included!

    1. Yes, we are so thankful for the tree removal! Rain in Texas is always a blessing in the springtime, I've heard the bluebonnets are amazing! Thank you so much sweet Valentine, I always appreciate your comments!

  11. Happy April, it is so fun seeing your homestead, family and reading about your days. I am happy the tree removal went well. That is a big job!!

    1. Thanks Carla, we are thrilled that the tree work is done! Always appreciate your visits and comments! Much love to you!

  12. More and more I am looking for His return. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter with loved ones. Yes! I understand praying as each tree is felled. Such a lot of work. Happy April and new growth time to you. So many things are popping up already.

    1. I'm so thankful we have the hope of His return to look forward to, Ellen. Our Easter was wonderful, and it was great to get those trees taken down. Many blessings to you dear friend, enjoy our lovely spring weekend ahead!

  13. That soup looks amazing! We love soups and I can eat soups all year round. I have never tried the cauliflower though instead of potatoes. Much healthier version for sure. Love all the pictures and such hard work goes into the homestead for sure. There is things we need to do around home and having the time is one issue. But, there's no place like home. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

    1. Oh yes, the cauliflower is a much healthier version, and it does take some getting used to, but we feel much better on it! There is no place like home for sure, and it is a good feeling to know those trees are no longer a threat! Blessings to you dear friend!

  14. That soup looks delicious.
    many thanks for the soup and keto biscuit recipes.

    Wishing you a happy new month of April.

    All the best Jan

    1. You're welcome Jan, for the recipes, it has been a good journey for us to eat healthier! I always appreciate the recipes you share! Many blessings to you!

  15. Your cauliflower soup looks delicious. Yes, I love soups, especially on a cold day. So good of you to have so many homemade recipes. The bonfire sounds so nice, and sitting around roasting marshmallows, even better. That's too bad that you had to get rid of the trees all around your home. The pines surround me, and it makes my heart smile. What a sight the Elk must have been for you. The china plates look delightful in your garden area. I love the picture of your cats looking out the window on Easter morning with the sun shining through. And what a wonderful surprise to see the purple crocus on Easter.

    Wishing you beautiful April days, Marilyn.


    1. Soup is just the perfect food in winter time! We hated to take down the trees, but its better to be safe, than sorry. We are going to plant more trees that won't be so dangerous for us. Our cats bring us so much joy, they are sweet darlings in our lives! Many blessings to you Sherri, I always appreciate and enjoy your lovely comments!

  16. Dear, sweet friend, it is such a joy to come here and visit with you. I save your posts in my inbox until I can give them my full attention. They are always, always so full of encouragement and I always leave here feeling refreshed in spirit. You are such a blessing to my life. I was thinking as I looked at the photo of you and your family around the bonfire how wonderful it would be if one day Kevin, Zach, and I could be there with you singing and playing my guitar. What a joy that would be! You never know what God may have in mind for His children. If not here in this life, what a joy it will be to spend eternity together at Jesus' feet! Sending hugs to you today with much love.


Your comments are blessings to me, and I appreciate each and every one, they are precious to me! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog... this is what makes blogging worthwhile! Have a blessed day!


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