Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Bump That Made Me Jump

This post is about 

A bump that made me jump 
At night. 

I don’t like bumps that make me jump

Home alone at night

Well, not home alone, not really

I had my faithful dogs with me.

That is very comforting.

But when you hear a bump that makes you jump

And it’s dark and very eerily quiet in the house

And you are not expecting a bump that makes you jump

Then you don’t like bumps that make you jump

(did I say that already) sorry… but it’s true

So when you hear a bump that makes you jump

In the dark cold night

What is one to do?

Ask your faithful German Shepherd to check it out, of course

She was on high alert when she heard the bump that made me jump

Because she jumped too

I think we both jumped together

Cosmo was having a dream, I don’t think he noticed

But Annie and I both jumped when we heard the bump

I ran down the hall with Annie at my heels

I wondered if I should grab my .22

Or if it would even do any good

Because it sounded like the roof had caved in

And... I diid’t think it was a boogey-man jumping on my roof

But something had made me JUMP!

We reached the door and Annie pushed me aside

This was serious business, and outside my jurisdiction

Completely under her authority now

She barked loudly and ran outside

She stopped at the corner of the house where

We had heard the bump that made us go jump

She looked, and twitched her ears and sniffed the air

I stood in the cold at the door waiting on her assessment

She just stood there with her ears twitching and nose shifting

Feeling quite brave because Annie was already on the front lines

I descended the steps gingerly towards that side of the house

The side of the house where I heard the bump that made me jump

I peered cautiously around the corner...

Oh oh.  I had my house shoes on, and now my feet were wet

The snow was wet.  Did you know snow was wet?  Just wondering

(Well if you go outside in the snow with slippers,

You’ll know that snow is wet and cold and slippery)

But gathering up my fortitude I pushed past the distress

Of cold wet feet and glanced anxiously around the house

I saw nothing. Absolutely nothing. 

I shivered.  I shook.  I trembled.

Whatever it was… it was gone. 

But… WHAT was the bump that made me jump?

What indeed? 

As Annie and I peered into the darkness

She was on high alert, ears twitching, and nose sniffing

And then…. We heard it again

That bump that made me jump….

You wanna know what the bump was that made me jump?

 It was .... icicles and chunks of snow and ice falling off our roof!

Yes indeed.   

Now before you laugh, let me ask

Have you been in an avalanche?

How about an earthquake?

Or maybe a really bad thunderstorm?

Well…. The bump that made me jump

It sounded like the roof had caved in

Or an avalanche had hit my house

Or a really bad clap of thunder

Or someone had fallen off the roof

It was really, really loud….

Now I’ve heard these icicle bumps before

And they never scared me, not one bit

But this one was big.  And it was at night.

Icicles fall off the roof in the sunlight 

During the day the sunlight melts the ice and snow

And all day long you hear bumps

And they don’t make me jump

I know what icicle bumps sound like

But what I heard did not sound like an icicle bump

It sounded like an avalanche

That bump that made me jump.

But I guess after Annie's thorough investigation

A really big piece of ice decided to come flying off our roof

And that was the bump that made me jump.

I promise not to scare you like this again about my

Bump that made me jump. 

I’ll try to be more brave next time and not be so worried

About the bump that made me (and Annie) jump. 

Good night.  Sleep tight.  And don’t let the bumps bite.  



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  1. After I read your post, I thought of this:

    When in life you hit a bump and perhaps it makes you jump or even fall into the dump, look above to the “true vine” (John 15:1) and abundantly drink the “new wine” (Matt 9:17) and your life will be sublime.


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