Friday, January 11, 2013


I’ve created this blog to share the spice of my life here in Northern Idaho.  Each day here I’ve learned and collected a treasure chest of memories, stories, thoughts, tears, joys and more.  I’ve tried keeping record of these things in my journal.  I’ve been inspired to share these stories beyond the pages of my journal.  Each day I’ve recorded new joys, and sometimes sorrows, something learned, something lost, and something gained.  I think it is time to share those things in a way that will speak to your life today, and make you laugh or cry, bless your day, or challenge your thoughts. 

I want to start off by sharing pieces of my life with you… 

I’m a mother of two teenage children and married to an amazing, wonderful man.  Being outdoors and close to the beautiful things of nature is something our whole family loves to do together. 

We chose to come and live up here in a wild remote area of Northern Idaho a little over a year ago.  We moved here from Texas to experience adventure, and to live life large.  We sought adventure, excitement, and escape, in this wildly beautiful land, and boy! Have we found it!!  

Our adventures have taken us deep into the forests and mountains of Idaho, along the white sandy beaches of the lakes and rivers, mountain roads no wider than a vehicle with steep drop-offs on either side, so remote that you hope you can find your way back out!   

Adventure has been the name of the game, and my trusty camera has traveled most of these journeys with me!  I hope to share some of the pictures I’ve taken, and the stories behind them in coming posts. 

I hope you’ll come along for the ride!  There are plenty of ups and downs, and smiles and tears, but peppered in with all those things are joy and thankfulness just to be alive in this beautiful place.   This remains the overwhelming theme I think you’ll begin to read about here…  

So grab a cup of coffee or hot tea…. And come along for an adventure with me! 


  1. Lovely, and a great picture of the mammoth animal which you do not want to meet on any trail. (dogs, gun or mace) Don't go looking for them alone. I'm serious. Please be safe. Love ya. Mother

  2. What a great blog you have started!! I am fascinated by your writings! Keep up the good work! (I have actually always wanted to do this myself--I keep a journal too and take lots of pics--but have no extra time to do it!)
    I will be waiting anxiously for your next blog!! Hugs, Linda M.

  3. I am delighted to be reconnected with you in the personal way, Marilyn! Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece of yourself - I am truly looking forward to the "adventures" within! Love - Patty G.


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