Monday, January 14, 2013

A Stream of Consciousness

(Warning! … Here comes a stream of consciousness)

Well hello!  Glad to see you’re back…

So.  I promised I would share my thoughts on how my blog was given its name. 

I always keep my promises. 

Too bad for you! Ha!

Have you ever sat staring a blank piece of paper trying to brainstorm …. and all you keep getting is a whole lot of


Hmmm…  Well, that’s how I was feeling when I faced myself with the task of somehow coming up with a name to identify myself with this blog.  Blogging after all is somehow an expression of who you are and what you are trying to express.  So of course… I wanted it to be really profound… you know… one that just grabs your attention and doesn’t let you go until you just have to know what was said… right?

Well… I had a blank piece of paper in front of me… trying to come up with something really profound about me.

But … I’m not a profound person… not at all.  Sigh.

More blank stares at the blank page…. 

Ok… do you really want to know just how dumb some of my “titles” were?

Let’s see… are you ready for this?  I hope so….

Spices from my life   (eww … how dull… can’t imagine anyone wanting to read that exciting blog)

Bits n pieces  (mmmm I need some M&Ms right now!)

Teapots – n – thoughts   (stop and get a cup of tea… nope… )

More staring at the page…. Another sip of hot tea… well… would this one work?

Teapot Thoughts    (Nope....Sigh)

Ok… how about this one?

Pieces of My Heart   (Yikes, that one sounds like it hurts!)

Sigh. More stares….

From My Teacup to Yours   (Only my teacup is now empty… )

Slices of My Life   (No… but I will take a slice of that apple pie Mom!)

Ok… back to work.  Quit thinking about food I tell myself…

Looking outside…. Ahh…

Footprints in the Snow (Only thing is… they’ll melt in the spring.  Not good!)

Pots, Plants and Thoughts   (My pots and plants are sadly all in my basement.  No inspiration from those right now!)

Grains of Sand Along My Pathway   (I can’t see any sand …. Only ice… maybe I need some ice melt…)

Snowflakes n Snowbanks …. (Now we’re talking.  Now THIS is something I could wax eloquent on!  My source of inspiration from snow should be endless… right!)

Sunflowers n Roses  (what? What flowers? Roses? Huh? Sigh.  Must be dreaming! Roses in winter. I really am losing it.  Sigh.)

I think I need to go back to the blank page…

Oh! How about this one?

Mountaintop Thoughts …. (Oh. Now.  Maybe  just maybe we’re talking. Like getting close.)

Mountain Top… Mountain Top… Mountain Top… what?

…. Well, it’s time for lunch. That cup of tea didn’t help much, and I never did find those M&Ms, and Mom’s apple pie is all the way in Texas.  I’m in trouble.  It’s time for some real food!

So… heading to the kitchen… and oh my… it hits me… like really…

Mountain Top Spices….

So. There. You. Have. It. 

Brilliant. Eloquent.  Totally Me. 

so... do you get it? 

Well, let me explain.... I live in Idaho, with mountains all around, and all the inspiration I receive on a daily basis here have become the spice of life for me!

Come back soon (I’ll try to crawl out from under the table I’ve climbed under)

… and we'll try to get back to our regular programming here at Mountain Top Spices….

Until then….

Stay Warm!

This is our weather today - freezing rain. mixed with snow.. how's yours?

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  1. Oh, how I miss you! :-) Love ~ Patty G.


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