Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Feeding the Beast Part II

I'm sure you've sat on pins and needles all weekend worried about The Beast, wondering if he was going to get fed or not this weekend.

I appreciate your concern. 

Mr. Beast wanted me to hurry up and write this update so that all of you worried readers could go back to sleep and get some much needed rest.  He's in good shape now. 

Oh yes.... we got him taken care of... somewhat unwillingly... by three teenage boys who had nothing better to do a fine Saturday afternoon, than help us haul in wood to the basement....

First we had to get the slide in position.  We have a green playground slide that we use to bring in the wood.  The wood room does not have a window in it, so we have to set up the wood system through the bedroom next door.  It takes a whole crew to get this accomplished.  Two people on the outside bringing the wood to the window, one person to catch the wood as it comes down the slide, and one person to stack the wood in the wood room.  It's a regular party I'll tell ya!  The joy in the room is absolutely contagious!  A playground slide in the house, in the guest bedroom no less... I can't imagine why we didn't have more guests sign up to come to the party????

First we get the slide positioned to receive the sliding wood pieces.  Although it looks like it "wood" be a blast, sliding down the slide meant for children on a playground.... I've never actually tried it.  I'm afraid my landing might be a little like Humpty Dumpty....

Then we get two people positioned outside to get the wood from the wood pile, and bring it to the window where we have the slide set up. 

After the wood has been outside in the snow and ice for several months, even though we have it covered with a tarp... the wood is still covered in snow and ice, and literally each piece has to be pried apart.  

Cosmo, my sweet dog,  knows he has to help, and we're so excited to have him on board.  He knows his job is to ferret out every last mouse, rat or rabbit from the pile.  I'm very grateful for his help.  He worked diligently alongside us making sure the rats, mice and rabbit population were taken care of in order to ensure a more orderly and peaceable evacuation of the wood pile.  Thanks Cosmo! Your help was greatly appreciated!  It takes all team members on board to get this job done properly!

Um yeah... do you see THAT!  UGH!  Now this is the main reason why I HATE bringing wood into the house that is wet from being out in the snow and ice.  Yes indeed.  Every piece of wood that comes down the slide, picks up speed and by the time it reaches the floor, mud is slinging everywhere. 

Oh what a mess.  I shudder every time I think of having to do this wood business... there you have it... the reason I hate doing wood is really because...  I hate mud.  Hate it with a passion!  All that good exercise is really not the problem.  No not at all.  I could do wood all day, if it didn't involve MUD on my floors!

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention... I hate bugs too!  This piece of wood came in with a zillion bugs in it.  Well, being the bug killer that I am, I insisted that this piece of wood go straight into Mr. Beast's belly. Instant execution for all those nasty black bugs! 

So yes... mud and bugs... they are NOT my friends!  But Mr. Beast is sitting over there in the corner demanding to be fed... and in the middle of winter, you do what you have to do....

And when we are done, there are three huge piles of wood stockpiled in our basement, at least 12 feet long by 7 feet tall. 

Should be enough to keep us warm for ... a month!

And then.... the cycle shall repeat itself.... again....

I'll be SO glad when spring gets here!  Oh wait... did I say I hate mud... I forgot...

I mean I'll be so glad when summer gets here.  Spring means mud too.... Sigh. 


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