Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frozen Rime

Frozen rime you ask? 

Is that some new kind of Italian frozen dessert? 

Indeed, frozen rime sounds like a recipe hidden on the pages of my grandmother's cookbook, or perhaps the recipe name out of one of the new fad diets going around, you know .... one of the new recipes out of the ... "7 Days to a Healthy You Cookbook" .... all you gotta do is just try our secret  "frozen rime" recipe and you'll lose 5 pounds today.... (oh if only that were true!)

But alas, my dear friends, frozen rime is not something you eat..

Although it is so beautiful you might just think it should be edible!

Frozen rime is a fancy term for Frozen Fog.  Yes! Really! 

I had never heard of frozen rime before, but we've had a lot of it here in northern Idaho the past few days! Lots of fog at night, and then in the mornings.... voila... an absolutely magnificent sight on every tree, post, fence... anything that a droplet of water can freeze on.... frozen rime.

It is absolutely magnificent to see!  It is a crystal white sparkling winter wonderland to see the delicate beauty left on every leaf, branch and twig of every tree. 

The amazing beauty that God designed for us never ceases to amaze me! 

I had never heard of frozen rime before living here in Idaho.  After seeing its lacy beauty left in the wake of a misty fog, it is a sight that I don't think I'll ever tire of! 

A dear friend of mine, Gloria T., sent me these pictures below of the frozen rime as they were out driving last weekend.  Magnificent!

And just to make her day extra special, as she was snapping pictures of the beauty all around, Gloria shared with me how the excitement of the day was capped by seeing this beauty flying high!

She also snapped these pictures....

Thanks for sharing your pictures with me Gloria! 


So there you have it... Frozen rime ....   Deliciously sublime... (does that rhyme or rime)?

Go wow your friends with this new word in your vocabulary today.... 

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