Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Frosty Riverside Drive

We were blessed yesterday morning to wake up to a beautiful sprinkling of snow - just enough to make everything beautiful, sparkly, and joyous.  Perhaps an inch of snow at most had fallen, and along with the snow came some very frosty temperatures - it was 6 degrees when we got up, and all the snow that had fallen had turned into frozen ice crystals.

So, I convinced my husband that only one cup of coffee was sufficient before loading up in the car - this time with my tripod! - and heading out for an early morning frosty drive.

Annie and Roger weren't so happy with my choice of an early morning drive that did not include them!

Such a sad face!  He wanted to come so bad, but I knew I couldn't manage my camera, tripod, and those two fun-loving romping furry bodies too!

Brr!  It was a really cold morning!  When we got up it was 6 degrees, and had warmed up to a balmy 13 degrees when we left - things were looking up! HA!

The snow had turned into frozen ice crystals on our windshield, and took a long time to thaw.

The icy frost feathered everything in the world, making our morning excursion exhilarating.

We crossed the bridge in town and there was a spectacular scene spread out before us.

It was so cold that the snow had turned into ice, and there were ice crystals shimmering everywhere.

The icy water was a steely shimmery blue in the frigid air.

There weren't many geese out this morning ....

I don't blame them a bit for trying to find a warmer place for their feet than the frosty river water!

There were a few brave souls out there in the water, but nothing like the morning two weeks ago!

Can you see how the light catches the icy crystals from the bare tree limbs in the glassy water...

Stark contrasts of ice ... with the ice crystals sparkling on the weeds against the backdrop of the ice cold waters...

Little puffs of snow transformed into ice crystals...

If you look closely, you will see that the road is a sheer work of ice.  As I was crossing the road, I realized just how icy it was.  One wrong step and you might just go ..... whee! lol!

I think I would be perfectly content to sit and look at this view all day... if only it weren't so cold!

See the little cabin tucked in amongst the trees high on the bank of the river - such a cozy looking little home!

All things are beautiful when covered in snowy ice - even weeds!

I love the "stormy" look of this photo - but really it is just a play of the light.  We had climbed down the bank toward the river, and this picture is taken looking up the bank.

My DH climbing back up the bank headed to the car, and warmth!  LOL... it was really really cold out here...

My poor man!  He is quite a patient man... but even a patient man has a limit with a crazy woman armed with a camera on a frigid morning!

It was hard to leave this beautiful place, frigid as it was.  The light in the sky was constantly changing, challenging me to capture its beauty.

Finally, I climbed back up the bank, and we continued our drive.  Our plan was to drive and explore a couple of other local lakes.

A few geese braving the creek waters...  just a few!

The roads continued to be very icy and snow covered.

We began our ascent up the mountains towards a couple of small lakes that we like to visit.

The roads became more icy and snow covered as we drove along.

Are you enjoying the drive yet?  Can you feel the frosty air nipping at your nose?  Ahh!  Now this is where adventure begins, just around the next corner!

Or up the next rise... a few brave souls had already been out this morning, so we weren't totally alone in our ascent into the mountains.

Beautiful views from on high!

Just a bit more climbing to do before we reached our destination...

Finally the road evened out as we plateaued and began our slight descent to the mountain lake.

No one had been down here yet this morning!

The mountains rose in solemn splendor around the lake, as the waters were coated in a fresh layer of ice.

I was hoping perhaps to see a bit of wildlife out here, but then again, they probably were smarter then we were, and were bedded down somewhere warmer than the lake!

A lonely dock jutting out into the lake.

Playing with the light, here is a contrast of dark....

... and light... which is your favorite?

And before we left, we came upon this somewhat deserted cabin.

Small, humble, yet in its own way, unique, with a stark beauty of its own...

Could you live here? I wondered... could I?

This cabin is for sale.... with its tiny refuge full of stark simplicity...  I can't imagine what the place is worth, and perhaps don't want to know.  A piece of me would love to enjoy its simplicity .... for a time!

We continued our drive around the mountain roads, enjoying the views from every direction.

Can one ever tire of the view of mountains upon mountains upon mountains?  Apparently, the answer for me is.... no!

(How did you guess!)

We stopped by the next little mountain lake on our drive, and found it quiet and still as well.

Even the ice fisherman had not been out here fishing.  Many times we have come to this lake to find someone ice fishing.  Because of the warmer temperatures this winter, no doubt the ice was not safe to fish on.

Many times there are birds, geese, and other wildlife over in this corner of the lake.  Today - nothing.  Everything was still, silent, and quiet.

I was happy to discover these cheeful red leaves in the midst of all the drab browns of the weeds around the lake.  I think the red lent a happy burst of color among all the browns.

As it was time to go, we enjoyed one last walk under the canopy of the trees, ice and snow.

Even now, the sun was ramping up its warmth, and the snow was falling in gentle mists from the trees as we walked under them.  It wouldn't be long before the icy snow would be a gentle memory, only to be savored through the beauty of modern technology with my photographs.

Many people hate winter, and while I understand the complaints of winter, yet for me - there is such grand beauty that can be found in the winter that I don't think I could ever hate it. You see... if one looks - beauty can be found in whatever season you are in, if one will just look for it.

Even as I write, the beautiful snow laying on these trees has melted, but for a few hours we enjoyed the winter party that the Lord designed for us this frosty morning!

And it won't be long, and these snow-covered tree limbs will be covered with green happy shoots that will proclaim the arrival of spring.  But I shan't hurry spring along... I want to enjoy the journey each day, every moment that has its own loveliness, and enjoy each day to its fullness.


(The End)


  1. Lots of gorgeous icy cold pictures!!!! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana - it was very, very frosty!

  2. I was getting cold. Lol. I agree there is joy and a blessing to be found in every season and in every day. I hope you will bring us back to these two little mountain lakes and show us spring. As for your question about the light: I would say the second. I like colour to.

    1. I would love to do that! Spring shouldn't be too far away now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your favorite photo. I honestly can't decide. I love them both, lol!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I would love to live in a cabin like that...briefly!!

    1. Yes, briefly, perhaps even a summer would be nice! The quiet setting, next to the beautiful mountain lake, it would be wonderful!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I never tire of this scenery. And I think winter is the most beautiful and interesting of all.
    Getting good with that camera. g

    1. Thanks G! I appreciate your kind words and I agree - I never tire of the scenery here, and winter is the most fantastic time of year here to see such amazing beauty!

  5. Looking at these pictures again as the temps rise into the 60os today. They are so pretty and what we should be having still. Is it an early spring or a fluke? g

    1. Yes, I think we are heading into spring! Amazing isn't it!


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