Foggy Winter Walks

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hello friends! 

I hope you are all enjoying cozy days at home as Winter settles in for the long haul.  It seems Winter has paid a visit to most everyone across the country, and certainly, is it is here to stay for a while too! We have gotten a lot of snow over the past month, which is moisture that we did need. 

Watching the snowfall is such a captivating thing, as it falls so gently and softly here - no wind!  Then after the storm passes on and the sun comes out, all the world becomes a glittering jewel! Oh, when that happens, I just can't stay inside, I must get outside and walk! 

Come along with me, and we will go on some winter walks together :) 

Glorious skies!

SO much snow .... but we are thankful for it! 

An approaching storm with darkened skies on the horizon,
allowed peeks of sunshine gold to rest on the mountains. 

Such beauty on the hillside as the warm light rested gently on the trees. 

Our home during the winter storm that approached that day after the warm light disappeared. 

Captivating winter scene! 

My greenhouse and garden lying under the blanket of snow. 

Annie enjoys going on a cross-country ski with me. 

Soon after the winter storm that brought us about 8" of snow,
the snow turned to rain, and then fog arrived. 

As fog settled in, the landscapes disappeared. 

Still the dogs and I walked! 

When the roads are icy, I wear ice picks on my boots. 

There is a house behind that fence! 

Sometimes in the afternoons, the sun will try to peek through,
leaving the world bathed in a rosy glow. 

One evening I saved my errands for late afternoon,
so I could go down the mountain into town and see the sunset. 

After a day of fog, one afternoon the skies brightened, and this glorious sunset 
filled the skies - oh what a delight it was! 

God's finest work in the skies! 

I walk in the evenings just so I can join the party in the skies! 

Walking in foggy weather means visibility is very low, and we now have roads that are ice-covered and slick.   However, the dogs and I continue to walk on the ice as I wear ice picks on my boots and high-visibility yellow clothing. Soon the sun will return and the skies will be blue again, but until then I enjoy the fog, as it does have its own special beauty. 

As I walk, I look out over the landscape and know that landmarks are there.  I know the mountains are there, even though I can't see them.  Hey, I know the road is there, even though sometimes I could barely see the road! But I just kept walking, and each step was clear, although my forward vision was not. 

This thought began to give me peace as I walked... for even when things we know are there but can't be seen, still they remain. 

Our emotions and thoughts are just like the fog. 

And while the landscape remains unseen in the fog's wispy grasp, the landscape is like God's Word, steadfast, sure, firm, unmoving and unshakable - no matter how the weather may change.  God's Word will remain true like the landmarks unseen in the fog that stand firm, waiting for the fog to lift when they shall be seen clearly again. 

This is the truth imprinted on my heart as I walked. God's Word is true, the SON will shine again, and truth will triumph! 

Don't trust your emotions (fog). 
They are changeable as the weather. 

But DO trust God's Word, it is firm, steadfast, and sure, 
a present help in every kind of trouble! 

I created the video below and I hope you will enjoy it.  Using pictures I have taken and music from two young men who love to play and sing old songs and hymns so beautifully, I hope it is a video that blesses your heart.  You can visit Cameron Cody and James Kelly's music page here.  I have all the CD's that they have published, and love their music so very much. I think you will enjoy this video :) 


  1. Oh my goodness. I have no words to describe how stunningly beautiful yout photos are! Thank you for sharing them. Have a cozy evening in your beautiful part of our world.

  2. Such gorgeous photos! You live in such a pretty spot and your photography shows it so well. Thanks for sharing them, along with a good lesson - and good music too!

  3. Your photos are just gorgeous-from bright and beautiful to moody and stirring. I love a bit of fog with the snowy day as long as I don't have to drive in it! Happy Wednesday night. xo Diana

  4. Beautiful and with a teaching touch! Blessings and thankful for your winter wonderland! And moisturizer for spring time for things to flourish!

  5. Love your analogy of the fog and God's Word, etc. Very well done!! And your photos make me want to add Idaho to my bucket list!! Enjoy all that snow!!

  6. What amazing sunsets, the colours are so lovely. God's handiwork indeed.

  7. I was honored and blessed to accompany you on these winter walks, Marilyn, as your photos inspire me to acknowledge the greatness of God in all His creation. Yes, our emotions are as ephemeral as the fog, but God's Word stands firm and unchanging. On that, we can live, move and have our being.

  8. I love that winter light in these photos. Winter fog just doesn’t feel right but I love it too. The video is great!

  9. Marilyn, your photos always make my heart sing. You are getting a lot of snow. I love foggy and misty days, and that with the snow can make it look magical. I've never heard of ice picks on the boots before. I'm not adequately prepared yet to be living in the mountains, but I learn every day about things. Annie looks like she's having a wonderful time walking with you. The skies are beautiful, and you always manage to show their beauty brilliantly. Our snow has melted, but I'm sure more is on the way, as it snows here until March. Nature has been calling me, so I plan to visit the Creek today. I've always wanted to see it when it snowing, but the drive there is a bit rough during the snowy days. Thank you for the gentle reminder to not trust our emotions, but DO trust God. It's always a pleasure seeing your beautiful photos, Marilyn. And I enjoyed going on this walk with you.


    1. As picture takers, it's great to take a wonderful photo, but I always remember that it's God's nature and beauty that allows us to do that. I'm so glad you know this too, Marilyn, as your brilliant photos and special words make it very clear of that. Thank you for being You and for your blog friendship.

  10. Your pictures are stunning. Some of them have that Thomas Kinkade like quality, the soft light. Winter truly is so beautiful . I enjoyed the video as well.

  11. Nice video and music. Good thoughts on trusting the Word instead of emotions!

  12. Gorgeous sunlight! It makes the landscape look like it is painted with gold.

  13. Thanks for taking me along on your walk in your snowy world. All your pictures are so beautiful ( as is the video). Thanks for posting.

  14. Gorgeous photos Marilyn. Love seeing the snow covered trees. Your photos are pretty spectacular! Love the sunset. I hope you are staying warm and cozy.

  15. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! And the teaching you posted about God's Word was right on target. Beautiful photos, thoughtful teaching, and then the precious video at the end. All of it spoke to me today. Thank you so much for this post!

  16. Oh, dear friend! I tell you, your photos are absolutely amazing! The way you capture images, I feel like I am right there walking with you. I LOVED your thoughts about God's Word and the fog. Just so encouraging and edifying to my heart tonight. You are such a dear blessing to me and to so many others. I pray God will richly bless you and keep you always in His care. Sending much love to you across the miles!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your part of the world with us through these magnificent photos and scenes. God has truly touched your land with His glory, and it shines through in every picture, even through the fog. How marvelous it is! Yes, I love that God's Word and love are steadfast and sure, solid and strong, even when we can't see it with our own eyes, we can be assured of His presence and goodness. Powerful thoughts for us in this hazy world we are living in. Thank you so much...

  18. The Light continues to shine in the gray, the darkness, the shadows.

    Thank You, Lord!

  19. You're right! I did enjoy the video. It was a wonderful collection of photos with a great accompaniment. And the closing Scripture? Perfect.

    I also enjoyed your foggy walk. It's too busy here to be out in could get killed, but I don't mind an occasional foggy day.

  20. Such gorgeous photos! I was noticing in the picture of your house that it seems there are no houses close by. It looks so serene, like a place you'd go for a retreat or weekend get-away. You live in a beautiful area!

  21. You have enspired me, in many ways!

  22. So many beautiful photos you have captured! Thank you for sharing, especially the thoughts and encouraging reminders about God's Word near the end of the post.

  23. Thank you Marilyn, for taking me to YOUR world! I was almost there with you as you walked! I used to live in an area just like yours (as you know) and you took me back to the times I too, could take those foggy and snowy walks. I love your analagy to the fog and God.... that even though we can't see it (his word), it is still there, steadfast and sure. I'm going to print out that portion of your blog, and hang it by my computer, to remind me of just that. It really hit home to me. Your video is beautiful, loved the singers and love that song too.. brought tears to my eyes.. and you made each photo dance with th words and music of the song! You are such a sweet soul and I'm sure help many others with your words and thoughts and sharing. Hugs to you and many blessings... Marilyn J.

  24. Beautiful winter photos. Marilyn. The alpenglow on your mountains and beautiful red sunset. I love winter, and I know I am in the minority in that regard, but I would miss snow if I had to live in a warm climate.

  25. So pretty! Your photos are absolutely lovely! I love your words, too. Thank you, Marilyn! xo

  26. What magnificent photos! And that is such a great reminder...even when I can’t see ahead, God can, and he wants us to trust. Thank you for sharing. I never tire of seeing the gorgeous photos you post of the landscape, skies, and scenery God has given you to enjoy. :)


  27. Oh, so divinely beautiful! It must fill your soul with such peace. Blessings xx K


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