My Family Cookbook Project and a GIVEAWAY!

Monday, January 10, 2022

My completed
Moseley Family Cookbook

Through the span of approximately the last five years, our children have moved away from home and then back again. You may remember our daughter lived in Spain for five months as an overseas student.  Our son had taken a job that required him to commute quite far from home so he moved into an apartment an hour away from us.  Soon things changed, and he came back home to work with us in our family business, but he has his own separate living quarters on our property now.  Our daughter married a year ago, and has her own home now, something we are all very excited about.  Our son became engaged over the New Year, and there will be wedding bells ringing in 2022. Exciting times for our family :) 

So, through the years, as our children were on their own for periods of time, I would often get requests on how to make special family treats and meals.  The recipe would be jotted down and sent off. Sometimes, however, the recipe asked for was one in my head! There was NO recipe for it! The struggle was real :) 

Have you ever experienced that? You've made a favorite family meal for years, but have never taken the time to put it together in a written format? 

That became my dilemma. I really needed to put some of these recipes into a format that my children could continue to enjoy for years to come. 

I began a search for an online cookbook that would allow me to enter my recipes, and print them off for my children. I did a lot of research and settled on this amazing company, the Family Cookbook Project. I can only speak with the highest regard for this company.  From beginning to end of this project, I was encouraged along the way with incredibly helpful videos, how-tos, and newsletters.  I found their website very easy to navigate in order to complete our family cookbook. 

Here are some pictures of the cookbook I created. The front cover was a designer paper created by the amazing KerryAnne at Shabby Art Boutique from her Handmade Club designs

I gave the cookbooks to the children at Christmas... but look who was also excited to check it out :) Our sweet curious kitty, Miss Ash. 

A closer look at the cookbook. I loved the layout options available. 

The spiral binding is wonderful, the book lays completely flat and is easy to use. You can add pictures wherever you desire. 

The website is so easy to navigate. You can easily put your recipes into categories where they are easily found
with a Table of Contents provided.  

The options are really endless
as to how you would like your cookbook to look.

I went with a very simple and clean design for my cookbook. You can make the book as customized as you like, adding stories, pictures, tips, and more. I loved all the options, and the website design page was very easy to navigate. 

After receiving my cookbooks and seeing the excitement my children and I felt as we looked through the cookbook and talked about the special recipes included, I knew I needed to pass on this joy. 

So just a few days ago, I called the Family Cookbook Project, and spoke to Chip, the creator of this website, and asked him if he had a promotion or giveaway that I would be able to offer my blogging friends. He was so agreeable and helpful and came up with a very generous giveaway for you, my readers! 

Chip has graciously offered a giveaway for one of my blog readers! The Family Cookbook Maker's regular price for a lifetime subscription is $99.95.  Chip has generously offered to give away ONE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION to the Family Cookbook Project! Isn't that awesome! I was not expecting such a generous offer, but how appreciative and thankful I am for their generosity! 

So... here are the details for the giveaway! Starting today until next Sunday, January 16 the giveaway will be open to anyone in the WORLD! If you have access to the internet, this is open for you.  The only rules are to leave a comment below, and if you feel so inclined... share a favorite recipe of yours for all my readers to see... I think that would be fun! We will keep things simple though, your comment gets you entered into the drawing :) Please make sure you are commenting with an email where you can be reached should you be the winner. 😊

Please drop by the Family Cookbook Project website, and poke around. There is a free trial where you can try out the cookbook project to see if it is something that you would like to do.  You can use this link here:

I will share the winner in a post next Monday, January 17th... so please share and tell your friends and family about this post, or even just share this link to the Family Cookbook website! 

Blessings to all! 

PS: Wintertime is a perfect opportunity to gather recipes and put them into a cookbook, don't you think? ~smiles~


  1. How very special Marilyn. Your family cookbook is so lovely. what a great way to share your family's
    precious recipes. It makes perfect sense to create one. Perfect for your family and friends. That is a generous offer from Chip. Bobby Flays recipe is the closet to the one I make. Philly Cheese Steak

  2. What a great cookbook you've made! Is this made all online and then THEY print it out and send it to you? Or do you get a CD or DVD and make it on your computer and print it out yourself? Either way is great, but I love the idea of creating it and them printing it! I've made several photo books using My Publisher, Snapclick and Shutterfly and love them all. I'd love to win this subscription as I've been meaning to make a cookbook with my own family recipes for my son and nephews. I bet it was fun to make too! One of my fave recipes of my own is a spicey spaghetti sauce with, of course, spaghetti! The sauce is made with ketchup, and you add to it some vinegar and onions, and some chili powder and garlic powder. It is so so good! I first made it for my family when I was a teen and they all loved it.. I love it to this day. Oh. and you make meatballs and then pour the sauce over them in the pan, and then serve it all up on a platter. I probably have a picture somewhere still, of that dinner, as it was my first ever, all by myself! Glad your kids will enjoy all the recipes that they will remember always. Hugs... Marilyn

  3. That is a great idea for a gift! I bet your kids really appreciated it. I have very few recipes from family. I have some that were written in Italian from my grandmother but for the most part, the women cookers in my family just wing it! LOL! I probably do that too!

  4. WOW! What a wonderful family gift. Amazing that you were able to pull it all together. Like you, so many of my recipes are in my head. My one grandgirl told her dad to call me and get a recipe that she loves "before Nana dies"

    Love that you are sharing this here. Have a wonderful week, Marilyn. xo Diana

  5. What a great way to save those family recipes for generations! Love it.

  6. This is such a lovely idea! I'm like you and have recipes in my head, often getting calls over the years from our children asking for them. When our oldest son came to visit at Thanskgiving, he asked me to show his wife how to make `Drop Biscuits`. It's just a lazy way of making regular biscuits except I don't roll them out. LOL

    You know where to find me ;) {{{hugs}}}

  7. Your cookbook keepsake is so beautiful, Marilyn! What a generous offer from The Family Cookbook Project. I can understand how happy you made your family members to have their favorite recipes all preserved. Thank you for sharing this with us! Blessings to you!

  8. I love this idea and I think your cookbook turned out so good!

  9. Marylin, you did an amazing job on your family Cookbook! Truly a keepsake and you should do a giveaway of your cookbook! I may check that site out myself! And I just wanted to say this about you, you always leave the sweetest and encouraging comments! Thank You... I even read the ones you leave on other peoples Blogs LOL
    Hugs, Roxy

  10. That's a great project you completed for your children. I love that you can include photos in the book. I did a handmade scrapbook style one for each of our three children with just Christmas recipes in it. I'd love to do another with old family favourites. What a great giveaway, and a pointer to a company that I will investigate.
    This recipe is an old family favourite. They are my dad's favourite cookies, and we all love them.

  11. Hi,
    I love that you created this cookbook for your family, a true treasure.
    I am blessed to have some of my grandma's hand written recipes. But she too, did not write all her recipes down, they were in her head.
    Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh, my goodness! What a generous amazing offer!!! I am so excited to join in the giveaway! And your cookbook is just beautiful! What a treasure for your dear children to have and hold from now on! You are so thoughtful and kind to do that for them, and I can only imagine how much love and feeling you poured into it. My sweet Mom was like that as far as knowing things in her head and not writing them down. I must confess I do the same thing, at times. It is just so wonderful that your children will never have to guess or wonder how you made things. You have accomplished such great things, my friend, and God uses you in so many ways to bless others. I love and appreciate you and am so grateful for your friendship.

  13. This is an incredible giveaway! I love the idea of doing a cookbook just for the family. That spiral binding and all the options are wonderful! I went to the website to look around. They make it look like such a fun project. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  14. Please do not include my name in this generous giveaway. I have no energy for such a project and it would not be appreciated in my family.

    What a wonderful gift for your children. The graphics you chose are fabulous. I certainly wish that I had such a resource from my mother. So many of her dishes are not the same. I may have found the secret—a bit of sugar and extra butter. 😏

  15. I did a Christmas memory book for each of our grown kids, including recipes I grew up with as well as the ones from their own childhoods. I also have done handmade cookbooks as wedding gifts for family and friends. But that said, I do still often get calls from kids or emails from grandkids asking about specific recipes. I really ought to check into this Family Cookbook Project; it might be a much more economical way to make personalized cookbooks for family and friends.

    For a recipe to share ... hmmm, that would be a difficult choice, but I will share this link for Crumb Top Apple Pie. It might make a nice dessert on one of these cold winter evenings, using just pantry ingredients and apples, which most people likely keep on hand:

    I too think it would be nice if you gave away a copy of your own cookbook. I imagine many of your readers would love to own a copy!

  16. What a wonderful giveaway and how very generous of Chip. I am the worst about measurements! I measure as I cook. I keep telling my three daughters that I am going to get better with that! I am like my grandmother...she just simply cooked and didn't think about all the measurements. LOL! I have lots of recipes. Several from my grandmother, aunts and Motherinlove that have all gone on to be with the Lord. I am real bad about taking different recipes I find and adding my own flare to them. I have always loved to cook and bake for my family. What a precious gift to your children Marilyn. Their cookbooks will be a golden treasure to them one day. I have so many recipes that I enjoy but my Sausage and potato soup recipe is most requested from my grandchildren. Happy New Year dear lady. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. A wonderful giveaway. My sister created a family cookbook for us. It's a keepsake for sure. Your cookbook looks great!

  18. I love cookbooks! I wonder if I should think about putting together a cookbook with recipes from my church. That would be fun but time consuming I'm sure!

  19. What a great idea. We have one like this from my husband's side. Some of the recipes are hilarious, like add a can of this and a can of that, stir. πŸ˜‚

  20. Marilyn this is amazing! I have my mom's recipes on notebook pages that fell out of the book...and are now tucked into a ziploc. I often think about compiling them, but I never know something like this existed. I've tried to share some of my mom's tried and true favorites on my website, but a book looks amazing!

  21. Oh Marilyn, what a wonderful giveaway! I'd love a chance to win. One of my favorite recipes throughout the years for different special occasions or just simply a home meal is a seven-layer bean dip. It's Yummy, simple, and here it is.

    Lay's Bean Dip for the bottom
    Sour Cream
    Chopped Tomatoes
    Chopped Olives
    Chopped Onions
    Sprinkle Cheese on top
    (but I sprinkle cheese all over). ; )

    *I wanted to tell you that I loved your comment about shoveling snow and the neighbor. What a beautiful thing for you to do. When get snow from December to around March, and the one thing that we have to do is shovel the driveway, which my son does usually. But I was out there one day shoveling it myself cause I needed groceries! haha

    Have a delightful week, Marilyn. I hope the new year brings you so many good things.

  22. Very nice, Marilyn. I'm sure your children love it. My late husband and I created a family cookbook long before the self-publishing phenomena. We just put all our favorite recipes in word docs, printed them, and put them in a binder. Nothing fancy. It was nice to have them all in one place, though. Have a great day! xx

  23. What a wonderful idea, Marilyn! I know I have tried to share family recipes with my children and nieces and anyone interested. I have several pages on my blog to some old family recipes, divided up into my mother's favorite recipes, my grandmother's favorite recipes, and more family favorites. I haven't updated it in a while, and this program you have cited might be a great way to get them all into one handy place! Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea with us! I would love to have a copy of your cookbook too. Maybe you should offer them for sale? Just a thought. I don't know how many you can print with this program. Anyway, I love it, and you are so smart!!

  24. My grandma's recipie cards in an old green metal box are a prized possession. I seldom open its lid, but just knowing I have a glimpse into what was her kitchen, her life, is such a joy.

  25. I would love to enter! Thanks for sharing. Your recipe book looks so neat.


  26. I think you have created a wonderful cookbook for your family, it looks amazing.

    Many thanks for the offer but please do not include me in the giveaway.

    All the best Jan

  27. When both my children were married I hand wrote special famikt recipes for them in a cookbook and scanned photos of the food. This program looks much easier to do. It is a well appreciated gift!


Your comments are blessings to me, and I appreciate each and every one, they are precious to me! I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog... this is what makes blogging worthwhile! Have a blessed day!


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